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Only Italian Wheat

Strategic repositioning / Brand restyling / Primary and secondary packaging

The scenario

In six years of management, the Ferro Family has multiplied its turnover by six, overcoming any growth projection and exploding on the international market. Dispenser is entrusted with the brand repositioning intervention, so that it can be more attractive to markets for the years to come. Contextually, all recipes are perfected by the pasta factory, and the ranges expanded to reach the shelves with a new look and with a high-quality product.

The intervention

Dispenser’s strategic goal is to not propose a simple restyling of the existing one but to be able to tell, through the new pack, a story of a family of millers for four generations and a unique land like Molise.

It is La Molisana’s history brought into the packaging thanks to a careful restyling of the brand. It is the enhancement of its history and evidence of its unique characteristics that make this pasta appreciated all over the world.

The choice of a typographic and iconic design suitable to represent these themes, together with the use of innovative packaging materials, guarantee a result in line with the repositioning strategy.

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