Brand design
Strategic positioning
Product ADV
Store design

The scenario

Pannamore is a story of passion and sweetness, where the art of pastry comes from the heart. That same heart that has become the connotative sign that gave the business its name. The confectionery stands out for the excellence of its products. Its care for communication has contributed to making the brand an absolute reference in the field.

The intervention

Pannamore was born with Dispenser as a communication partner responsible for the brand strategy and corporate identity. That includes naming, logo design, store design, pack design, and advertising. We are talking about a global strategy from which identity and positioning arose.
Dispenser has evoked the authenticity of this pastry art in countless expressive ways, creating an unmistakable brand/product communication strategy, with a long series of product/service ADVs, pack design solutions for confectionery products, and brand environment translated into store design projects and calibrated and functional reception spaces.