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Ancient Flour Factory

Strategic repositioning / Brand restyling / Primary and secondary packaging

The scenario

The Tenuta Barba extends over 680 hectares, of which 68 are dedicated to vineyards that extend among the most suitable areas of the Teramo territory. The story of the Barba Family and its winery has its roots in a distant path, made up of constant commitment, dedication to work, and success. A company that has never stopped innovating turns to Dispenser to pursue this innovation in the packaging of its wines.

The Intervention

Dispenser designs the brand and the entire pack system, both primary and secondary. The new brand uses soft lettering that plays with the fusion of two letters, characterizing it in an original way. On the entire line of labels, the use of sophisticated floral motifs has been envisaged, a reference and tribute to the special scents of these wines that are associated with the world of nature suited to the production of high-quality wines.