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Olio Corvino

Fine Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Strategic positioning / Branding / Packaging / Online and offline communication

The scenario

It is in 1930 that the history of this company begins with the production and sale of 100% Italian oil. But the soul of Olio Corvino is to pack oil from small farms in the upper Vasto area, a hilly area that has always been suited to the highest quality EVO oil. The experience and the continuous search for excellence have led the company to want to equip itself with a new pack system more representative of the company spirit.

The intervention

Quality is the watchword of the whole pack system because only the best olive oils are tested and selected to become part of the range proposed by Olio Corvino. The graphic of the label divided diagonally symbolizes that the bottled product is the result of two primary factors: a high-quality product and Corvino’s ability to select it and bring it to the market. The use of metallic finishes on paper helps to reinforce what is perceived.